When a young mother dies under mysterious circumstances, those she leaves behind begin looking for answers in the past and find a long-buried secret they never could have imagined...

Thirty-six-year-old Grace McAllister never longed for children. But when she meets Victor Hansen, a handsome, charismatic divorced restaurateur who is father to Max and Ava, Grace decides that, for the right man, she could learn to be an excellent part-time stepmom. After all, the kids live with their mother, Kelli. How hard could it be?

At thirteen, Ava Hansen is mature beyond her years. Since her parents’ divorce, she has been the one taking care of her emotionally unstable mother and her little brother—she pays the bills, does the laundry, and never complains because she loves her mama more than anyone. And while her father’s new girlfriend is nice enough, Ava still holds out hope that her parents will get back together and that they’ll be a family again.

But only days after Victor and Grace get engaged, Kelli dies suddenly under mysterious circumstances—and soon, Grace and Ava discover there was much more to Kelli’s life than either ever knew.

Narrated by Grace and Ava in the present with flashbacks into Kelli’s troubled past, Heart Like Mine is a poignant and hopeful portrait about womanhood, love, and the challenges of family life.


Until Eden West can make peace with her past, she will never be able to embrace her future…


When Eden was ten years old she found her father, David, bleeding on the bathroom floor. The suicide attempt led to her parents’ divorce, and David all but vanished from Eden’s life. 

Twenty years later, Eden runs a successful catering company and dreams of opening a restaurant. Since childhood, she has heard from her father only rarely, just enough to know that he’s been living on the streets and struggling with mental illness. But lately there has been no word at all. After a series of failed romantic relationships and a health scare from her mother, Eden decides it’s time to find her father, to forgive him at last, and move forward with her own life. Her search takes her to a downtown Seattle homeless shelter, and to Jack Baker, its handsome and charming director. Jack convinces Eden to volunteer her skills as a professional chef with the shelter. In return, he helps her in her quest.

As the connection between Eden and Jack grows stronger, and their investigation brings them closer to David, Eden must come to terms with her true emotions, the secrets her mother has kept from her, and the painful question of whether her father, after all these years, even wants to be found.


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Cadence didn’t sit down one night and decide that downing two bottles of wine was a brilliant idea.  It snuck up on her - as a way to sleep, to help her relax after a long day, to relieve some of the stress of the painful divorce that’s left her struggling to make ends meet with her five-year old son, Charlie. 

It wasn’t always like this. Just a few years ago, Cadence seemed to have it all – a successful husband, an adorable son, and a promising career as a freelance journalist.  But with the demise of her marriage, her carefully constructed life begins to spiral out of control.  Suddenly she is all alone trying to juggle the demands of work and motherhood.

Logically, Cadence knows that she is drinking too much, and is plagued by a deep-seated shame. Every day begins with renewed promises to herself that she will stop.  But within a few hours, driven by a force she doesn’t understand,  she is reaching for the bottle - even when it means not playing with her son because she is too tired, or dropping him off at preschool late, again.  And even when one calamitous night it means leaving him alone to pick up more wine at the grocery store.  It’s only when her ex-husband shows up at her door to take Charlie away that Cadence realizes her best kept secret has been discovered. The grief and guilt are overwhelming, but the loss of Charlie is the wake-up call she needs to begin to journey back towards sobriety and emotional well-being. It is only as she begins to become whole that Cadence can fully understand her illness and her familial vulnerability towards addiction, and launch the fight of her life- to get back her son. Heartbreaking, haunting, and ultimately life-affirming, Best Kept Secret is more than just the story of Cadence - it’s a story of how the secrets we hold closest are the ones that can most tear us apart.

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en years ago, Nicole Hunter left her troubled home behind her, unable to cope with the demands of a life with her disabled sister, Jenny. But when a shattering event turns her world upside down, she finds herself back in her hometown, caring for her pregnant sister and trying to heal her embattled relationship with her mother. And when she is faced with the most difficult choice of her life, Nicole rediscovers the beauty of sisterhood-and receives a special gift that will change her life forever...


“The authenticity [of this story] is unmistakable; a tender and touching novel.” – The Seattle Times






Amy’s debut novel tells the story of Sarah Strickland, a woman writing letters to her unborn child. Her journal traces her difficult journey toward a hopeful future after her perfect marriage crumbles in a devastating loss...

This debut novel could be insipid or sappy; it is neither. Sarah's messages to her unborn daughter are endearing and often hilarious, a fictionalized account of intense grief that may be as helpful as any study of the topic.

– Booklist